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No.1 Herbal sanitary napkins, sanitary napkins, pantyliners

Do you always feel pain and discomfort when you are in period? The exclusive formula of herbal extracts and fresh cooling, releases the pain and discomfort. Ultra-thin sanitary napkins with breathable back sheet, super absorbency even sudden heavy flow comes. If you want to have good mood during the period, why don’t try HIBIS Herbal Sanitary Napkins?

Fomentation Series Warmer pad

Fomentation Series Warmer pad releases the menstrual pain and improves blood circulation、Warm neck and shoulders、user-friendly adhesive design、45°C hot spring warming、 natural herbal soothing formula


intimate care, intimate cleansing, wash mousse

Enrich beauty for my intimate area. No.1 Organic Herbal Extracts. Foamy Rich Mousse. Antibacterial Defense. No More Bad Smell. Be clean is the first step for intimate care. HIBIS Feminine Wash Mousse integrated with natural herbal comfrey extracts, cranberry extracts, soft and antibacterial, moisturizing and releasing, helps to keep the microflora of the skin of your intimate area in a healthy balance. You’ll feel changes in 4 weeks!


cosmetic, skin care, facial masks

Beauty can’t be aging even time flies. HIBIS Cosmetic & Beauty skin care products are integrated with natural pure ingredients for anti-aging, neutralizing the free radical. Defends the aging to maintain the skin as teenager.


Personal Protection, Personal Protective Equipment, Medical Devices


elderly supplements, adult diapers

In order to enhance the family care and users’ life quality, HIBIS Sweet Care Adult Diapers have 3 major features: Instant super absorption, 3D leak guard at both sides, Reinforced tenacity of back sheet, so that the elders can wear them easily with well cover-up and comfort. Price is also affordable while meet to their demand.

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